Insurance Leader in AI for Loss Control, Inspections and Premium Audit.

AI Inspection is leveraging artificial intelligence technology to provide insurance carriers, managing general agents, and underwriters, across any line of business, the ability to gather more consistent, custom inspections and premium audits in an automated and cost-effective manner.

About AI Inspection

AI Inspection leverages the information used in your existing policy management system to build questions, automatically create and manage policyholder inspections, and produce reports identifying anomalies between each. Every inspection is individually built for the needs of the underwriter and policyholder. This AI technology platform is built to service most lines of insurance.

With this AI technology, the data ultimately gathered on each policyholder results in a warehouse of data information. AI Inspection leverages the data produced on every report and builds a deeper and more robust picture of the success of your underwriting at a global and micro level.

AI Inspection allows insurance companies, MGAs, and underwriters to save substantial time and money while removing the old model of outsourcing premium audits, loss control and inspections.

Why AI Inspection?

AI-driven solution; fully automated to your Policy Management system
Automatically highlights discrepancies between underwriting and policyholder's data, saving your underwriting team's time
Ability to integrate reports directly to your paperless system
Connect with limitless data tools to analyze policyholders (Google Maps, Yelp, D&B, etc.)
Builds a warehouse of loss control & inspection data to analyze your overall program successes
98% completion success rate for loss control and inspections

How it Works?

AI Inspection not only leverages your existing policy data to build a questionnaire but also uses additional data gathered from various sources to drill down deeper into the root of losses or the success of specific classes of business. If AI Inspection identifies any discrepancies in the response from a policyholder, the system automatically tags that discrepancy in the report and notifies the underwriter of the issue. This allows your team to only process reports that need their attention.

This emerging AI solution is dramatically more cost-effective while also producing a more timely, accurate, and customized report. In addition to the accuracy, the information ultimately gathered on each policyholder results in a warehouse of your premium audits, loss control and inspection data.

AI Inspection monitors your policy management system and resulting in fully automated daily, weekly or monthly triggers YOU DETERMINE based on policy or quote lifecycle events. These triggers send requests directly to your policyholder, allowing them to answer via phone, laptop, PC, or other mobile devices.

Value Proposition

Seamless integration with the policy management system
Effective Corporate Management Dashboard to track the status of all policyholders
Automatic notifications and follow-up attempts
Live access to every account
Allows policyholder complete flexibility to respond 24/7
Unlimited number of policy “triggers” and reporting data elements
Support pictures and document uploads
Encrypted personalized link for every insured

Benefits realized by one client

Inspections ordered
Inspections completed
Discrepancies identified and addressed
Completion Success
Of accounts (New and Renewal) inspections were ordered


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